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Thankful for this community!

So Thankful for YOU!

How is it almost December?! This school year is flying. We have had an amazing start to the year, thanks to all of you!

Thank you for all you do! 

Thank you for showing up and supporting our school. 

Thank you for helping us continue to do amazing things for our kids!

Spaghetti Night was a blast, thanks to all of you who showed up and made it an amazing event! 

We have so many great things coming up as well:

  • Home for the Holidays (which is that most amazing event and feels like a Hallmark Movie)
  • Santa Brunch (which is always one of my favorite events) 
  • Santa Shoppe (which is the highlight of most kids school year)
  • Christmas Shows
  • and so much more…
We will be ready for Christmas Break to unwind and relax with our families. 


Happy Thanksgiving!

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