Athletics - St. John's Academy

The St. John’s Sports Association (SJSA) is a parish-based ministry comprised of players, coaches, parents, and volunteers. Our purpose is to give our children an opportunity to play and develop in various sports by maintaining a strong program based in faith, led by the volunteers from our school and parish community.

As a parish-based program, participation is open to all parishioners of St. John the Baptist as well as St. John’s Academy students. Though SJSA utilizes Academy facilities, it is not a school organization.


The SJSA currently organizes and governs basketball and volleyball teams who compete against other parish teams within the archdiocese.


The SJSA is governed by an Athletic Director and a Board.  Collectively, the Athletic Director and Board manage all areas of operation and are supported by our coaches and community of volunteers.

SJSA Board
  • Steve Kerrigan – Athletic Director
  • Carol Hawk – Treasurer
  • Greg Cox – Board Member
  • Yash Risbud – Board Member

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