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From Pre-K to 8th grade, our faith-based curriculum educates the whole child — mind, body and spirit.

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Blue-Ribbon Education

from Pre-K to 8

At St. John’s Academy our learning spaces and passionate teachers challenge students to voice their ideas and to stretch their ways of thinking so that the natural curiosity continues in secondary school and becomes a habit for life.

Our curriculum is dynamic, intentional and collaboratively constructed, offering relevant classes and individualized opportunities that allow students to excel in many ways and stages of their learning.

Faith, Academics, Service:

Our Formula for 65 Years.

The core mission at St. John’s Academy is to enrich souls with the Catholic faith through study and example.

We achieve this through a rich Catholic environment that is infused in all we do, ensuring that our students’ spiritual development goes beyond a simple classroom teaching and becomes a pillar of their spiritual character into adulthood.

We embrace academic excellence with a rigorous and multidisciplinary curriculum.

With a low student-to-teacher ratio and a specialized curriculum targeted specifically toward 4 separate grade levels, our individualized focus allows students to excel in many ways and stages of their learning.

At St. John’s Academy, students learn social responsibility and leadership through service to others.

Our students on average perform over 3,000 volunteer hours per year in service to others, teaching them to understand the value of “giving back”.

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