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Team photo schedules

As announced recently, we will be offering professional player and team photos for all our 2023-24 Fall Volleyball, Winter CYO Basketball and Cheerleading athletes. 

Photo sessions will be held on Saturday March 23rd at the gym. Please see below for the schedule for your team(s). 

Photo Shoot

  • Players should wear their uniform for the shoot. Multi-sport athletes will have a separate session for each sport wearing each uniform.
  • Coaches will take photos in the same time slot as their players.


  • If you received envelope(s), you may fill that out to place your order and bring it with you to the photo shoot. You will need to fill out one envelope per sport you wish to order for. 
  • For anyone who did not receive an envelope (or prefers to order online), there is an online ordering option as well. That link was emailed to you separately.
  • The last day to place an order is the day of the photo shoot, March 23.

Photo Schedule

Saturday March 23, 2024





10:00 am

BB girls JV – Brace
BB girls JV – Sharkey

10:30 am

BB girls Peewee – Gutierrez
BB girls Peewee – Galdi

11:00 am

Fall VB girls JV – Ewers
Fall VB girls JV – Feeney

11:30 am

Fall VB girls Varsity – Bocchino
Fall VB girls Varsity – Segalas
Fall VB girls Varsity – Galligher

12:00 pm

BB boys JV – DiBlasi
BB boys JV – Auguste
BB boys JV – Truszkowski

12:30 pm

BB girls Varsity – Cox
BB girls Varsity – Jurik

1:00 pm

BB boys Peewee – Portuondo
BB boys Peewee – Pavlou
BB boys Peewee – Morris

1:30 pm

BB boys Varsity – Reid
BB boys Varsity – Good

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