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Scavuzzo Legano Scholarship

St. John the Baptist Church, Hillsdale, New Jersey established the Scavuzzo Legano Scholarship Fund with the proceeds of a bequest from Santa Scavuzzo Legano, a devoted parishioner of the Parish.  The Scholarship Fund provides tuition assistance to children in need so that they may attend St. John’s Academy in Hillsdale, New Jersey.   Each award will be in an amount of up Six Thousand ($6,000) per annum/per child in honor of Teresa and Salvatore Scavuzzo and Santa Scavuzzo Legano and Joseph Legano.  To apply for a scholarship award, please see the instructions below:

Student’s Information



Please provide the annual wage of each person above:
Please also list your other dependents in college and high school and your cost in funding the tuition. Tax returns or other proof of household income will be required.
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