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St. John’s Academy offers numerous opportunities for students to extend their learning and personal growth beyond the school day through various enrichment activities. Enrichment programs are available throughout the year.

Below is just a sampling of the enrichment activities that have been offered during the school year.  Programs vary each year based on availability. 

Romance Languages
Grades 4-8

Both French and Italian classes for beginners. This program is designed to prepare students to communicate through speaking, reading, writing, and understanding the written and spoken language.

Engineering Club
Grades 6-8

Designed to promote critical and creative thinking for real-world engineering problems, the engineering club exposes students to hands-on activities which educate and promote interest in engineering and robotics.

Drama Enrichment
Grades 2-6

Students passionate about theatre — whether novice or veteran — participate in theatre games, explore improvisation, and build confidence through dramatic exercises and play.

Chess Club
Grades 4-8

Students of various playing levels from beginner to advanced learn the skills to enjoy (and possibly compete in tournaments) with this timeless game.

Chinese Lessons
Grades K-8

Designed to prepare students to communicate through speaking, writing, and understanding the written and spoken Chinese language.

Gardening Club
Pre-K - Grade 3

Students learn patience and perseverance as they grow their own vegetables & herbs and see firsthand where their food comes from.

Keepsake Krafts
Pre-K - Grade 2

Young students hone their artistic and creative abilities as they create holiday-themed crafts for parents to enjoy for years to come.


Do you have a question about our enrichment programs? Contact Ms. Heather Hurley.

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