SJA student donates cookies to First Responders - St. John's Academy
St. John's Academy Girl Scout donates cookies to First Responders
St. John’s Academy Girl Scout donates cookies to First Responders

It’s that time of year again – Girl Scout Cookies are being sold! Given the current health crisis, girl scouts have to be creative. No longer do we see girls wearing their green vests outside our local stores. SJA fourth grader, Mary,  used technology and social media to announce not only that she was selling cookies, but that she was also donating the cookies sold  to a very special group: first responders. Mary, with the help of her parents, created a video of her explaining why it was such a special cause for her. 

As Mary said, “The first responders are really putting a lot of effort into their work because they know how important it is at this time. I was happy that so many people realized how the first responders are risking their lives for us.”

Within an hour all the Girls Scout cookies that Mary had were sold! 

We are not surprised by Mary’s good deed. As a Catholic community our school initiative has been to spread kindness throughout the community and to remember, Kindness Counts! Great job, Mary! 

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