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SJA teacher dancing
SJA teacher Ms. Sessa feels better when she’s dancing

When SJA closed their doors due to the COVID-19 crisis on March 16, the school community felt great uncertainity and concern.

Principal Socha remembers, “Closing SJA was the right decision, but is was still very difficult to do. A school is about community- SJA is such a special place. When you walk the halls everyone feels the love and kindness that is such a part of who we are. The halls were empty- and we were feeling that lost.”

Then, during the first week of distance learning while teachers, students and parents were navigating Google Classroom, Zoom and more, SJA music teacher, Mrs. Beverly Delaney proposed a great idea to our principal, to make an uplifiting video of the faculty and staff set to an uplifting song. 

With the help of her son, Mrs. Delaney worked tirelessly (while also teaching the first week of distance learning!)  to put together a video to show the community our spirit- to remind everyone that we will get through this together.  When the video was shared with the school community on Monday, March 23 it lifted the hearts of so many during these challenging times. Watch it below to remember we all “feel better when we are dancing.”

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