Ava Messina, grade 8, earns Mundhenk Character Award - St. John's Academy
Ava Messina, grade 8, earns Mundhenk Character Award
Principal Socha presented the Mundhenk Award to a very surprised and appreciative, Miss Ava Messina during her Algebra class on January 4, 2021.

Congratulations to Miss Ava Messina, recipient of the William Mundhenk Character Recognition Award, which acknowledges a student at St. John’s Academy for his or her good manners, respectful attitude, cooperation, generosity of time and talent, and good school spirit.

The award was presented by Ms. Suzanne Socha, principal at St. John’s Academy on January 4, 2021. The award was established by Lawrence Mundhenk on behalf of himself and his late wife, Viola, in memory of their son William, a St. John’s Academy graduate.

Ava, an eighth-grader, accepted the award with her classmates (participating in the presentation both remotely and in-person), Principal Socha, and Eighth Grade Coordinator, Mrs. Joanna Ariyan. Principal Socha told Pascack Press that Miss Messina is “a gregarious, positive and reliable student who works hard in everything she does.”

“Ava is a girl who works carefully in her studies and is known to find the best in difficult situations. She embodies the Catholic virtues of grace and kindness in her relationships with others.”

Principal Socha added, “These are the values we encourage in all students and Ava is an exemplary representative of the very best St. John’s Academy has to offer.”

We look forward to numerous opportunities to celebrate the main accomplishments of our students. 

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